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Storage Unit 5 x 5
The size of a small closet, it holds one small piece of furniture, tall narrow items like lamps, and 6-8 boxes.
Storage Unit 5 x 10
This is the size of a walk-in Closet and holds 1 or 2 large pieces of furniture and 10-15 boxes.
Storage Unit 10 x 10
This will store a 1 bedroom. apartment. It holds a bed, table & chairs, a couch and some appliances.
Storage Unit 10 x 15
A 10x15 holds the furnishings for an average 1000 sq. ft. residence, including most major appliances.
Storage Unit 10 x 20
A 10x20 storage is the size of 2-3 Bedrooms. It holds contents and appliances for an average 1500 sq. ft. residence.

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