Charlotte County Self Storage
Boxes: When you need them

So you need a storage unit and you know that Charlotte County Self Storage offers the best rental prices. Now you’re going to pack. Find a vehicle to pack everything into. You might borrow a friend’s truck or you may have to rent a van or box truck. You’ll probably need some boxes or storage bins too.

It’s convenient to rent a storage unit and buy the boxes you need right there. But just like trying to find the best storage unit price, it pays to shop around for boxes. Usually your local home improvement store will have the best prices. And they also sell plastic bins. Cardboard boxes are convenient and cheap. But don’t forget tape! Using tape makes the box more durable and works better than folding in the flaps of the boxes. Depending on what you’re storing and for how long plastic bins might be the better option. Over time cardboard will deteriorate and may not support the boxes on top. Also if you’re storing fine china or good dishes be sure to use plenty of bubble wrap. Cardboard separators are good for short term storage but you can’t beat bubble wrap for the long haul. Plastic bins offer the most protection for your valuables. They are durable, won’t leak and won’t crush. Pictures and paper are better stored in plastic totes. Clothing too stays cleaner and dust free when stored in a plastic tote.

Weight is always an issue when packing. If you plan to stack boxes on top of each other make sure they are sturdy enough to support the weight. Those giant plastic totes look great but remember you’ll have to lift them when they’re full. It’s better to have a few smaller bins rather than an overweight unwieldy large tote. It makes it easier if you label your boxes and bins too. Buy a marker to label the boxes and totes so you know exactly what’s inside. Charlotte County Self Storage has carts available to help you load your boxes and get them stored. Organization is key. Keep in mind you may need to use some of the bins while they’re in storage. Keep the ones you’ll be using up front and on top so they are easily accessible. Try to put the boxes you won’t need in the back of the unit and the bins you’ll need up front. When loading your truck or moving vehicle it’s best to move the least used items first. Store them in the back of the unit then work your way to the front to store the items you might need to get into. Otherwise you’ll need to clear a path in the unit to find what you’re looking for. At Charlotte County Self Storage we will help you with all of your storage needs: from finding the right size unit to giving you the right tools to get yourself moved in. Call us today at 941-625-4220. We’ll help you get the job over and done.