Charlotte County Self Storage
Another Year to Celebrate!

Well another year is underway and there have been many changes in the self- storage business. In the last ten years we have gone from a small And efficient facility to building out the existing available land on the property. We added a brand new state of the art building with all the modern amenities: sprinkler system, two new bathrooms, wheelchair units for easy access, lights in exterior units and all exterior doors are Miami Dade reinforced. There are many upgrades to exterior including fencing and walk through gates and all new led lighting on the exterior of the buildings. Inside both of the buildings is new lighting with timers to decrease heat and limit the lights from being on twenty four hours a day. Two new gates were installed so you can access and leave property without any congestion. The awnings and signage are new. With Charlotte County growing at such a rapid pace and all the new extra large facilities entering the county it should be a very interesting year. Stay informed and visit CHARLOTTE COUNTY SELF STORAGE for a clean and personal experience!